I don’t have many things of Sophie’s that we can use for Stella.  Just as Sophie hit 2 we knew were going to be downsizing immensely-moving out of our house and out of the country, with no idea if and when we’d ever have another baby.  So I got donated or Craigslisted most of our baby stuff, with some faith that if and when we ever needed to rebuild our baby stash we’d be able to.  However, there were a few things that barely still fit Sophie when we moved to Sao Paulo that I held onto.  Within a few months I’d passed them on to my good friend Leca’s little girl, Julia.  The less special things I gave to our nanny for her daughter, but there were a few things near and dear to my heart that I gave to Leca for Julia.  Julia never grew into these things before I found out I was expecting another little girl and Leca returned them all to me just before we left Sao Paulo.  Most everything is a size 2T or bigger so Stella is just starting to fit into it all.  It  warms my heart immensely to see my littlest girl decked out in her big sister’s threads.  I’m not too sentimental, so once Stella outgrows these things they are being sent to the orphanage down the street, but for now I treasure all the memories that come back with special outfits!

Sophie and the Ice Cream Dress

Sophie 2008


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