The Good and the Bad

Being that this is our family blog, it seemed only appropriate to ask Noah to give us his take on India.  And being that using technology is such a huge part of education at ASB, it seemed rather normal to ask him to become a blog contributor. Of course, Noah is a boy of few words when he’s not discussing soccer, books, Roald Dahl, or pretty much anything I ASK him to share…so here it is-the good and the bad of India (from seven year old’s eyes):

Good things about India:

I like India because it is easy to get deliveries very fast.

I like my school in India (ASB).

I like our club in India (Novotel).

I am glad there is only one bad thing about India.

Bad thing about India:

I miss my family.

I’d say he’s right on in every way.  I love the delivery service here (shoes, books, ice cream, ice cold white wine on a Friday night? Check. Check. Check. Check).

I can’t say enough about Noah and Sophie’s learning experiences here.  The school is amazing and both have been blessed with really wonderful teachers that “get” them.  Noah talks about books, writing, and authors like I talk about the weather.  Sophie already feels comfortable wearing traditional Indian clothes on Indian Studies days, plots her news to deliver when she’s “news anchor” at school, and loves, loves her teachers.  It is a very special place for our whole family.

I’d say our club is a good decision.  Plain and simple it makes the kids happy and we’re happy to see them happy.

The bad?  Also very true.  We miss our family. I hate the time difference as it makes keeping up on the phone difficult and India just feels far away.  I hate that and I hate that my kids hate that, but I will say the kids don’t seem to feel the distance the same way.  Grandma, Grandpa, Mema, Papa, Little Grandpa, and Mimi, as well as cousins, aunts, and uncles, are all a part of our daily discussions.  The pictures, videos, and facebook all bring everyone a bit closer.

So there’s the good and the bad in a nutshell.  Noah said he’ll take requests for his next post…let him know what you want him to write about!


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