Sunday Afternoon

We recouped a bit (just a bit!) of our sanity this weekend when we joined the Novotel Club.  I didn’t even mention this club last week, but Paul and I visited on a whim last week and really felt it was the best bet for us this year.  The Novotel is on Juhu Beach and offers beach access so kicking a soccer ball, throwing a football, etc…is not out of the question.  Sort of like green space, but different.  The pools are nice and there is a kids’ pool Stella can manage quite well in.  So we joined this weekend and spent both Saturday and Sunday there relaxing with the kids.

This girl loved the pool.  She also loved the “copers” flying above us.  She learns a few new words each day!Juhu Beach and a view of MumbaiSunday afternoon at the beachDon’t come between this boy and his books…he’s ridiculously loving Roald Dahl right nowAnd this one?  She just loves to have fun.  She smiled the entire day!

The pool made everything better this weekend.  We had a few games of soccer Saturday morning, a few errands to run, but I definitely feel ready to take on another week at ASB.  Good thing…have we mentioned this school runs at break neck speed?  Which is completely amazing for our kids-I can’t say enough about their education and their love of learning this year-but for the teachers?  Yikes…things can get stressful.  It is totally worth it, though.  Completely.

The next few weeks are busy-Sophie is dancing in the Diwali Assembly on Thursday (bollywood boogie), Paul is traveling next week for Week Without Walls, and we both have round one of parent teacher conferences.  The following week, however, we will be at the Park Hyatt in Goa.  That, right now, is the carrot I am following…just 12 more days!

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