We’ve Landed!

Well, technically we landed just over two months ago, but it is just now that we are finally feeling grounded in our new country, home, and school. Moving a family of five across the world is no easy task! I really don’t want to repeat it any time soon, either. The first few months were TOUGH. TOUGH. TOUGH. TOUGH. We arrived during the Monsoon season and it lived up to its name. The skies were permanently gray, the clouds thick, and, more often than not there was some sort of precipitation falling from the sky. Our apartment was nearly empty as we had chosen the unfurnished option provided by the school. We had a furnishing allowance and two shipments coming, but it still took us awhile to get everything we needed. The kids were desperate for the same type of green space we had in Brazil and there truly isn’t anything close to offer them. We all had a several bouts with “Bombay belly”-Noah, Stella, and Paul struggled the most. We ended these amazing first months with our first developing country illness…Paul had typhoid. It was horrible to watch him so sick, but thankfully the kids and I did not get it. We have no idea where he picked it up, but he’s decided to stop licking the public toilets of Mumbai as a precaution. Needless to say, today marks the start of our “real” life here in Mumbai. We have our shipments, we have our car, the kids are loving school, and we’ve found amazing helpers for our family. We’re ready to experience Incredible India!

3 thoughts on “We’ve Landed!

  1. Be sure that more than just your family is waiting for news of your new life! We miss you in SP (where I have never gotten typhoid, and it only rains at 3 pm), but excited for your new adventures!

      • Love the Kaskys, but a trip to India is not in my future anytime soon. Maybe I will see you in Seattle or Austin this summer? I hope so. I miss you guys!

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